Sing for Hope

Renee Fleming serves on the Board of Sing for Hope, a New York City-based non-profit dedicated to creating regular and affordable access to high-quality arts programming for everyone, and especially under-served residents. New York teems with artists of all stripes who are motivated to donate their time and talents to the community – but aren’t quite sure how.

Sing for Hope forges close relationships with under-resourced schools, hospitals, and community centers throughout the five boroughs. They grow and nurture a roster of hundreds of artists, amateur and professional alike – from opera singers to jazz musicians, actors to dancers, painters to puppeteers, mobilizing these artists to participate in volunteer service programs, where they bring the power of their art directly to those who need it most.

Sing for Hope is perhaps most famous for placing artist-designed pianos throughout NYC’s parks and public spaces for anyone and everyone to play. Each summer, the pianos bring individuals and communities together in an open festival of art for all. After their time on the streets, Sing for Hope transports the instruments to NYC public schools, where they become hubs for Sing for Hope’s ongoing creative programs and enrich students’ lives for years to come.