Guilty Pleasures

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About the Album

This album allows Renée to indulge in musical cherry-picking, singing songs and arias in eight different languages. The sheer, unabashed beauty of these pieces provides their thematic connection. Ranging from familiar favorites like the Flower Duet from Lakmé (sung with Renée's friend Susan Graham) to rapturous, rarely-heard melodies of Tchaikovsky, Dvořák and Rachmaninov, Guilty Pleasures is a collection of treats Renée has long wanted to enjoy: an album of pure gratification. A special treat is an aria from John Corigliano's The Ghosts of Versailles, a twentieth-century American opera that allows Renée the chance to sing in her native language.

...Fleming allows the passion to leak out phrase by phrase until it overtakes her in waves of yearning, and her voice responds with the kind of lush outpouring for which she is justly celebrated.

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Track List

  1. Berlioz: Les nuits d'été, Op.7 - 1. Villanelle 2:11
  2. Duparc: Phidylé 6:03
  3. Refice: Ombra di nube 3:31
  4. de Falla: Siete canciones populares españolas - 5. Nana 1:41
  5. de Falla: Siete canciones populares españolas - 6. Canción 1:09
  6. Tchaikovsky: Undina - Undina's Aria 3:58
  7. Rachmaninov: Sumerki (Twilight), Op.21, No.3 2:18
  8. Delibes: Les Filles de Cadix 3:28
  9. Delibes: Lakmé / Act 1 - "Sous le dôme épais" (Flower Duet) 3:50
  10. Canteloube: Chants d'Auvergne - 7. La Delaïssádo 5:31
  11. Canteloube: Chants d'Auvergne - 13. Malurous qu'o uno Fenno 1:31
  12. Dvořák: Armida - "Za Štíhlou Gazelou" 4:44
  13. Smetana: The Kiss (Hubicka) - Opera in 2 Acts - Lullaby 4:08
  14. J. Strauss II: Walzer aus Wien - “Frag mich oft” 3:27
  15. Wagner: Wesendonck Lieder - 5. Träume "Sag', welch wunderbare Träume" 4:33
  16. Corigliano: The Ghosts of Versailles / Act II - "Once There Was A Golden Bird" 5:42
  17. Traditional: "O Danny Boy" 4:45
  18. Sure On This Shining Night, Op. 13, No. 3 2:38

Recording info

Release Date: September 17, 2013
Label: Decca
CD / Download: 1