Love Sublime

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About the Album

A collection of duets for voice and piano, Love Sublime is based on the writings of poets Rainer Maria Rilke and Louise Bogan and addresses faith and doubt, youth and aging, male and female, romantic yearning and mature reflection. The voices of the writers are very much present in the melodies and rhythms of Love Sublime.

Fleming is sympathetic to Mehldau's introspective idiom: she reflects the austerity of his accompaniment in her controlled tone, and communicates the rather melancholy lyrics with pensive expression and subdued coloration. This is a thoughtful performance, and Fleming and Mehldau are content to let the words and music speak for themselves; their understated delivery urges the listener to follow the texts closely -- a good idea, considering the subtle nuances of the poetry.

AllMusic Review by Blair Sanderson

Track List

  1. Your First Word Was Light 5:27
  2. The Hour Is Striking So Close Above Me 5:08
  3. I Love the Dark Hours of My Being 4:34
  4. I Love You, Gentlest of Ways 7:03
  5. No One Lives His Life 2:35
  6. His Caring Is a Nightmare to Us 2:31
  7. Extinguish My Eyes, I'll Go on Seeing You 6:13
  8. Tears in Sleep 2:30
  9. Memory 3:24
  10. A Tale 4:28
  11. Love Sublime 4:20

Recording info

Release Date: June 27, 2006
Label: Nonesuch
CD / Download: 1